JOI, Swedish National Team Shoot and Red Bull Homerun.

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This is what I’ve been up to these latest weeks.

First of it was time for the 10th edition of Jon Olsson Invitational.

Alexander_Aurdal_JOI_ÅreAlexander Aurdal trying out the jump.

PK_Hunder_JOI_2014PK and the rest of the Redbull boys were of course there as well.

Mediatech_Camera_JOI_ÅreI handled the MediaTech camera this year again. Starting to feel like a good tradition now.

Here you can watch the program that TV4 did about the competition.
The link is available for another 4 days.

The same weekend I also did some filming for the Åre Cross Country Open.
Here you can watch the final result from that event if someone that reads my blog are interested about that.
Maybe this is something for you dad?

After the JOI competition the Swedish National Snowboarding team were invited to hit the jump for a couple of days.
Svenne_Åre_JOISven Thorgren, Niklas Mattsson and Måns Hedberg were all sending it. Here’s Svenne flying together with a paraglider.

NKM_Double_Tail_ÅreThey all learned some new tricks and we a had a few good days even though it wasn’t a quite as good session as last year.

You all remember that video, right!?

NKM_JOI_ÅreBig ups to Niklas Mattsson though who got the MVP award this year with some really creative grabs and technical spins/inverts.


Tv Åre were also there and did a quick piece about the national team beeing in Åre.
Watch it here. Svenne got a future career as a reporter if this snowboarding thing doesn’t work out.

Åre_Kabinbanan_1000_MeternThen we had some really great weather.

Naked_Guy_ÅreSuch good weather that some people even decided do drop all their clothes while skiing.

Redbull_Homerun_Åre_2014Then the next weekend it was time for the Red Bull Homerun again where I also did some filming.

Warner_Nickerson_Redbull_Homerun_2014This year Warner Nickerson got the top spot!

Nyllet_Redbull_HomerunAnd Erik “Nyllet” Nylander were the fastest snowboarder. Again!

Redbull_Homerun_Warner_HenkeAnd whenever there’s a Redbull party, you can count on this guy to be there!
Redbullgutta Henke Windstedt and Warner Nickerson celebrating the fact there’s a Redbull tent in the background!

1000metern_ÅreAnd now we’re celebrating the fact that there’s no people at all in the slopes and the fact they have built a water run on top of the mountain.

Nyllet_Waterrun_ÅreNyllet finishing of this long ass post with a water slash.

A few more days left up in Åre, then it’s time for some new adventures.

Ridestore Snowboarding – Episode 4

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The crew splits up as Jonte and Zebbe goes to Trysil for the Burn King Of The north, while Ludde shreds the park in Kläppen and after the Burn comp, everybody link up with each other in Kläppen to shred park and film the last shots for this fourth episode.

Watch this right now!


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Well, I’m not sure how this happened. But apparently I’m DJ’ing on the last Club Sandwich of the season at Dahlboms here in Åre now on thursday.
It will be a mix of Hip Hop, Rap, Trill, Electro and everything in between.

If you’re anywhere nearby I would be glad if you would swing by.


When: Torsdag 17:e april

Where: Dahlbom på Torget

Time: 22-02

Support: Sol, Dahlboms

Be there in time to get a hold of the beer tickets!

More info about the event HERE

Jason Park – Forever My Home

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Great filming, great song and some next level technical skating.
Filmed and edited by Brett Novak

I highly recommend that you watch this!

Here’s a behind the scenes story.