Fridays At Fonna 2014 – Presented by Burn

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From the glaciers of Folgefonna, Norway we bring you a longer version of all the Fridays at Fonna from the summer of 2014 squeezed in to one.
The edit contains riding by scandinavian dream team Viktor Wiberg, Ståle Sandbech, Toni Kerkelä, Jocke Rasmussen, Tor Lundström, Sven Thorgren, Sindre Cottis, Sig Tveit, Eirik Nesse, Øyvind Fykse and last but definetly not least; Lenny Powers a.k.a Len Jørgensen. One of the most entertaining snowboarders in the industry at the moment.
What better way to say goodbye to the summer then this 10 minute edit of pure scandinavian summer snowboarding at it’s best.
Scandinavians, sunsets and swag.

Guards – I Know It’s You
Broadcast – Corporeal
BRONCHO -Class Historian
Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind The Mask
Busta Rhymes feat. Q-Tip andTalib Kweli – Lightworks (Prod. J Dilla)
The Fugees – Rumble In The Jungle (Beshken Remix)
Misun – Goodbye Summer
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My norwegian visit are over for this year and the summer is officially here.

Here’s a bunch of pictures from the last weeks in Norway and what I’ve been up to ever since.

Henke_W_What_Camps_Folgefonna_2014The WHAT! Camps been awesome this with 3 weeks of great weather, pumped kids and a lot of energy drinks. Thanks a lot to Henke and David for putting this together. I think you got something great going on there. Also a big thanks to Tove, all the coaches and everyone else involved. Hopefully I see you all next summer again.

Here’s what week 3 of WHAT! Camps looked like if you haven’t seen it.




Tor_Lundström_Cajs_Underwear_Folgefonna_2014The next Cajs Underwear commercial?

Sunsetshoot_Folgefonna_2014Tor and Svenne came to visit and we managed to squeeze in two eipc sunset shoot within two days.

Shootjump_Vecka2_Folgefonna_2014Can’t ever get tired of this backdrop.

Den_Blå_Skutern_Folgefonna_2014_Lucas_Nilsson_PhotoLucas Nilsson took this photo of me on the Blå Skuter during one night of shooting/sledding.

Viktor_Wiberg_Fishing_Folgefonna_2014Vicky Wiberg rather spent his nights fishing down in Jondal instead of being up on the glacier. Totally understandable with this flawless fishing technique.

Stale_Sandbech_Oakley_Shades_Folgefonna_2014Ståle Sandsäck also showed up and tried out next, next, next years super limited Oakley Shades.

Len_Jorgensen_Oakley_Shades_Folgefonna_2014Len trying out a similar model with a little bit better air flow system. Keep your eyes open for these ones and remember where you saw ‘em first!

Turist_Javisst_Folgefonna_2014Then me and Tveit’n took a day off to go touristing in Bergen.
Turist, javisst!

Tveit_Skating_Bergen2Hopping over fences.

Tveit_Skating_Bergen1Pushing Bergen.

A few hours later…

T.Krookz and the Rome Team also came to visit this summer.

Chrille_P_Full_Patte_Folgefonna_2014So did this guy.

Rackartygarna_Folgefonna_2014Oh yeah, I almost forgot. So did also these guys.

Åre_PJ_Downhill_Skutan1Then I left Folgefonna and Jondal for a few days vaction up in Åre.

Åre_PJ_Downhill_Skutan3Me and PJ went out biking up on skutan. So much fun.

Stockholm_Essingeleden_2014Now I’m back in Sthlm.

Vinterviken_Summer_2014Let the summer begin! Thanks again everyone for another great summer.

Hopefully I will be able to put together a longer edit from the summer.
Bye bye!

WHAT! Camps Week 2

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Week 2 has come to an end.

Here’s a video and a bunch of pictures from the past weeks.

Skate_Vecka1_Oscar_EnsamOrvar cruising the bowl.

WHAT_Vecka1_Sig_Tveit_GladTveit is one happy camper.

Skate_Vecka1_Orvar2Orvar catching some air.

WHAT_Vecka1_LunchpausLunch break.

WHAT_Vecka1_David_ShapingDavid shaping.

WHAT_Vecka1_Oscar_NicklasOrre and Niklas riding the heis pipe.

WHAT_Vecka1_Oscar_PolejamPole jam

WHAT_Vecka1_Bluebird2We’ve seen a lot of this view lately.

ROME_Norwegian_Yoga_TeamNorwegian Tanning Team.


WHAT_Vecka1_Snowboarders_Parkering_OfokusParking lot pimpin.

WHAT_Vecka1_Alpin_VS_SnowboardersAlpine skiers Vs. Snowboarders.




ROME_The_Master_And_ApprenticeThe Master and the apprentice.


WHAT_Vecka1_Fotboll_David_MissarHe shoots… aaaaand he misses.

WHAT_Vecka1_Fotboll_Rome_SnowboardsGame over.


Atlantic Cup

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A bit late, but a few weeks ago, me and some other swedes went down to France to play some football in a tournament called “Atlantic Cup”.

Our number one scorer Erik Nyllet Nylander put together these words from the whole experience.

Read the full story here.


Nisse_Arvidsson_Selfie_BiarritzNisse Arvidsson with a mean selfie.

VM_Sweden_Gold_Atlantic_CupThe troop.